What is Grafzahl BackendPayments

Version 0.1.2 (Stable)

Grafzahl BackendPayments is a module for Magento 1.9.x, which brings you three more payment options for your backend order process.

Magento administrators can create orders in the backoffice under Orders > Create New Order. But this requires a payment method to be available. Payment methods, that require personal data or authentification from the customer (like Paypal) can not be used. Our module BackendPayments solves this by providing three payment methods for backend orders with the correct title on invoice and order information.

If you are not exclusively selling your products online with your Magento shop, then this module is for you. With this module you can create orders in your backend with these new payments:

  • Paypal (You can request money directly in your Paypal Account)
  • Cash (If your customer buys directly in your local store)
  • Debit (If you take the order on phone and debit the payment)

You can easily rename these three payments in your System -> Configuration -> Payment Methods section.

These payment methods does not contain any logic or connections to a payment provider. It is up to you to manage the “real” payment manually. This module only helps you to mark invoice and order information with the correct texts.

Compatibilty and prerequisites

This module requires Magento Version 1.9.x.

There are no other special prerequisites.

It will not change or overwrite any core code. It uses Magento standards to add the new payment methods. The installation is fast and easy.

Feedback and suggestions

We highly appreciate feedback or feature requests. Please tell us what you like, dislike or what new features you wish for this module. We will do what we can to make it happen!